The RIGHT JOIN will return all the records from the right table and the matched records from the left table. The result will be NULL in the left side when no matching if found.

Syntax for RIGHT JOIN

SELECT column_name(s)
FROM table_name_1
RIGHT JOIN table_name_2
ON table_name_1.column_name = table_name_2.column_name;

Assume the table employees with the following data.

empno name age department_id location salary emp_type_id
1 Andrew 30 4 India 100000 2
2 Beslin 29 3 India 90000 1
3 Joanna 23 2 USA 500000 1
4 Tianna 22 4 Canada 500000 1
5 Ani 31 4 USA 700000

Then the `employeetype' with the following data

emp_type_id emp_type
1 Full-Time
2 Contract
3 Part-Time


select,employees.location,employeetype.emp_type from employees 
right join employeetype
on employees.emp_type_id= employeetype.emp_type_id;

In the above example, the employeetype table is the right table which will return all the records and the employee is the left table which returns the matched records and unmatched records will be null or empty.


name location emp_type
Andrew India Contract
Beslin India Full-Time
Joanna USA Full-Time
Tianna Canada Full-Time

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