The EXISTS operator will return true or false if the subquery returns any records. This is mainly used to check whether their is any record in the subquery.

We can use it for select, update, delete and insert statements.

Syntax for EXISTS

 SELECT column_name(s)
 FROM table_name
 (SELECT column_name FROM table_name WHERE condition);

Consider the following tables.

Customers table:

customer_id name occupation age
100 Andrew Project Manager 33
101 Beslin Business Analyst 31
102 Joanna Senior Developer 21
103 Tianna Technical Lead 24

Orders table:

order_id customer_id product_name
1 100 Iphone
2 102 Lenovo laptop

Example query for EXISTS

select name, occupation from Customers 
where EXISTS 
(Select * from Orders 
where Customers.customer_id= Orders.customer_id);


name occupation
Andrew Project Manager
Joanna Senior Developer

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