This article discusses how to setup the environment to run any angular application.

Node Installation

In order to run Angular application we should install node.js. It will provide with the required libraries to run any Angular application.

To download Node.js, visit the below link and select 32-bit or 64-bit Windows Installer(.msi) or if you are using mac select macOS Installer.

Download and install the latest version of Node.js to the system.

Installing Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is an IDE which could be very useful for coding angular application. It provides with the feature of formatting, code editing, build in terminal to run angular application. It's free to use and supports multiple language support. It also comes with a number of extensions.

Download and Install the Visual Studio Code from the following link.

Install Angular CLI

To work with angular its important to install Angular CLI. Its the Angular Command Line Interface which makes things easier in setting up the project as well as creating resources for the angular project with the help of command.

Install Angular CLI using the below command in command prompt.

npm install -g @angular/cli

The above command will install angular cli to the system.

Create Angular Application

Once the angular cli is install we can create a new angular application by entering the below angular cli command.

ng new angular-tutorial

This will create new application with default project structure. To run the application enter the following command.

cd angular-tutorial
ng serve

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